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Software Engineering

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Green Consultancy

clean, secure, efficient energy

sustainable development

project management

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Software Engineering

Design and build smart computing systems allow to use computing technology to design smart things and make human life better.

Green Consultancy

Delivering expertise & solutions on secure, clean and efficient energy, low carbon policies, sustainable development, technical & economy market aspects. Research and feasibility study.

Project Management

Carefully plan and monitor of  resources, timelines and deliverables to accomplish a successful project and to improve  company’s profits, reputation, stability and growth.

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core services

  • smart computing

    Effectively make use of computer hardware, software, social media and communication networks together with digital sensors, smart devices, internet technologies, big data analytic, computational intelligence and intelligent systems to realize various innovative applications.

  • internet of things (IoT)

    We connect the virtual and physical worlds within the existing Internet infrastructure, using open standard, integrated architecture. Offer a wide range of solutions for advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services accelerating the transformation of businesses.

  • security

    Determining the information security and effectiveness allow organizations to retain visibility into network or product security, compliance and IT risk, necessary for preventing intrusions and appearing of security breaches.

  • independent testing

    Independent testing performed by testing specialists who have not been involved in the system’s development to ensure that the delivered software, applications and infrastructure meets both functional and non-functional requirements.

  • SEO

    A full range of programming and design services for every aspect of web development and Internet visibility

  • sustainable development

    Embedding the economic, social and environmental aspects into relevant projects and business activities to meet stakeholder requirements and available resources. Providing special expertise in carbon footprint analyses, energy management and renewable energy strategies, water/waste minimization, product liability management, and sustainable and green remediation.

  • greenhouse gas emissions

    Developing greenhouse gas emissions inventories according to best-practice measurement and accounting methodologies. Carbon Inventory mapping.

  • feasibility study

    Feasibility study, research and analysis to navigate through the complex regulatory process for renewable energies, GHG emissions and energy savings.

  • energy management

    Energy management solutions for households and businesses to help strengthen their bottom line, to understand and optimize their performing and to start to control them.

  • training

    Customized online and onsite training helps trainees to receive, keep and increase knowledge and skills needed for successful project implementation.


  • Excellence Award for innovation and relevance for “eMAP concept”, received under the initiative Sofia – Candidate for European Capital of Culture 2019.
  • Prise “Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact Management in SME”
  • Co-founder of Bulgarian Network for Technology Transfer (BNTT)
  • Member of EE

Training Packages

The training packages are structured as a key feature of education and training of non experts, junior experts, entrepreneurs, state authorities, executive staff.

They are part of the ENBC “Skills Framework” that aims to make training and regulatory arrangements simple, flexible,
understandable and relevant to the needs of industry/trainees.

Each training package undergoes continuous improvement in response to feedback from the trainees (students, industry, NGOs, et.). All changes made in a new release of a training package are recorded in each unit.

  • RES energy potential

    The training package combines the most usable and user friendly approaches for renewable energy assessments and analysis. Also provide essential information and skills on GHG emissions and forecast analysis,  comparative analysis between end price of renewables and conventional technologies, etc.

  • Horizon 2020 - how to apply

    Full stack of information and guidelines (in Bulgarian) about the H2020 application process. How to create company profile in the Participant portal. How to select the most suitable for your organization Call, to prepare the proposal, to find partner ato submitt the proposal. What is the Evaluation procedure. What is a Grant agreement and how to use it.

  • Horizon 2020 - ICT opportunities

    ICT main priorities and topics in “Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies (LEIT)”, “Excellent Science” at Horizon 2020 (The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation).

  • Horizon 2020: Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy

    MAin priorities and topics in “Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies (LEIT)”, “Excellent Science” at Horizon 2020 (The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation) related to Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy projects.

  • Web popularisation & SEO optimization

    The most friendly and great ways to popularize your website using some of the effective free and useful tools and tips.

    Find how to create more visible website using the most popular and effective SEO optimisation cheats.

  • Social media marketing

    Learn about how to icrease your followers engagements, and how yo use the key platforms to help you measure your social media efforts.


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