SME Inst – Horizon 2020 – Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs

The SME instrument stimulating the innovation potential of SME.
There are three separate phases and a coaching and mentoring service for
beneficiaries SMEs.

Participants can apply to phase 1 with a view to applying to phase 2 at a later date, or
directly to phase 2. If they successfulyy pass Phase 3 can apply for Phase 3.

Find bellow how SMEs can apply, what do they need to know, examples and more.


Author: S. Petkova

SME Inst – Horizon 2020 – за финансиране на иновативни МСП

“SME Instrument” – специално създадена схема, по Horizon 2020’s, за насърчаване реализацията на иновации от и в МСП.

Основни фази, изисквания към кандидатите и проектната идея, основни акценти на проектното предложение, примери.

Какви проекти се финансират? Кой може да участва? Как се кандидатства? Какви са сроковете и критериите за оценка? Вижте по-долу:


Автор: С. Петкова

ICT in Horizon 2020 – key priorities and actions

Information & Communication Technologies in Horizon 2020 – short guide.

ICT in Horizon 2020 brings unique SMEs opportunities to society’s challenges such as the growing needs for sustainable healthcare and ageing well, for better security and privacy, for a lower carbon economy and for intelligent transport.

Will be supported ICT research and innovation projects that can best deliver new business breakthroughs, often on the basis of emerging technologies. Also ICT in Science, Industrial leadership and Societal challenges.

Different funding opportunities are available.