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Our office is everywhere

ENBC is a  circle of open mind professionals with engineering, IT and analytical skills; dedicated to their work and ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

Iminds behind the company investing most of the time and resources on team capacity building, R&D activities, know-how innovative concepts implementation, social marketing and collaborative partnership networking. And still do it!

We take full responsibility and quality assurance of services and products company offers.

Our services are 24/7 available, and we encourage you to take full advantage of them.

Our specialization

Full Stacks Software Development
Server Side Web Development
Middleware/Distributed Applications Development
Client Side Web Development
Mobile Applications Development
Distributed Systems - Software Design and Implementation
User Experience, Web Site Design and User Interfaces
Search Engine Optimisation and Browser Compatability
Project Management
Green Consultancy, Research and Analysis
Secure, Cleand and Efficient Energy
Life Cycle Assessment
Sustainable Development


Nikolay Todorov

Nikolay Todorov

Software Engineer and Co-Founder

Experienced, committed and responsible Full Stack Software Engineer with strong background skills and over 10 years of professional experience in software engineering. Extensive knowledge in different technologies, platforms, systems and development methodologies.

Sonya Petkova

Sonya Petkova

Physicist Engineer and Co-Founder

Analytic, systematic and accurate Physicist Engineer with a decade of experience in the field of renewables, energy efficiency, clean policies development and smart computing. Experienced Project Manager - FP6, FP7, CIP, etc. Energy Auditor of Buildings and SEO certified practitioner.

Betsy Only Star

Betsy Only Star


Full time mascot in ENBC. Fluffy and glamorous but also addicted to be a boss.
To be an awesome is her credo!