Chromium project of Google

Google – всеки сайт видим във виртуалтана реалност

С новия си проект Chromium, Google се стреми да направи всеки уебсайт видими в VR, т.е. всеки уебсайт WebVR.

С новите технологии залегнали в проекта Chromium, се очаква коренна промяна на начина, по който сме свикнали да работим и сърфираме в интернет в близко бъдеще

Според François Beaufort от Google, каналите Chrome Beta и Chrome Dev ще имат нови допълнителни настройки, които ще позволяват на потребителя да сърфира в интернет пространството посредством устройства за виртуална реалност като Cardboard или Daydream-ready viewers.

Можете да активирате експиремталния флаг в Chrome ot tuk: chrome://flags/#enable-vr-shell. За да активирате функцията WebVR APIs кликнете върху “Enable WebVR” flag в “about:flags” или я стартирайте чрез командата –enable-webvr.

И това е само началото. Все повече съдържание ще продължава да се появява достъпно чрез тази технология.

Новата платформа на Google за виртуална реалност Daydream, се очаква да бъде достъпна през есента на 2016.

Виртуална реалност като част от интернет браузера на Google се очертава да стане неизменна част от интернет пространството и да промени начина по който ще се представя информацията там.

6 Best Free Photoshop extensions for Web Designers

These Photoshop extensions are cute and useful for web designers. refers to a design principle in which design cues are taken from the physical world.

skeuomorphism-it photoshop is a free Photoshop extension, by Roy Barber which turns skeuomorphism design to flat design. If you find anything skeuomorphic (icon, background or website templates) that you want to turn flat, this is the plugin to get.

This simple Photoshop plugin transforms your designs in seconds. Using it you can change a skeumorphism design into a flat design.  You can use it if you have skeuomorphic website templates, icons and etc. that want to turn flat.

There are already lots of online collection of free beautiful skeuomorphic Photoshop goodies that you can use directly.




GuideGuide is a free plugin for dealing with grids in Photoshop.

guide guide photoshop

Using GuideGuide you are able to create accurate columns, rows, midpoints and baselines. The extension makes you work with grids in Photoshop extremely easy.

If you need to design a site with multiple columns and gutters the GuideGuide extension is right for you.



The largest database of free vector icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats.

Flaticon Photoshop

You can use Flaticon plugin to find the icons you need for your design, without leaving your work enviroment. These icons are scalable, editable and accessible to any screen reader.



Breezy is a free photoshop extension that export multiple layers.

Breezy Photoshop

Using Breeezy extension you will have the ability to export multiple graphic elements from your PSD. this added Photoshop functionality makes it extremely fast to prepare the graphic files for apps development, websites or flash banners.



Cut and Slice Me

Cut&Slice Me is a Photoshop extension for simplifying the process of cutting and slicing design.

Cut and Slice Photoshop

The Cut&Slide Me extension enables you to export the assets to different devices (Android, iPhone, Desktop) for designing. The exported files could have various scales and resolutions (retina for iPhone or HDPI, LDPI, MDPI and XHDPI for Android).

Another important photoshop extension is Cut and Slice Me. This plugin enables you to export the assets to different devices for designing and within a span of time.




CSS3Ps – free cloud based photoshop plugin that converts your layers to CSS3.

css3ps photoshop

CSS3Ps calculations are made in the cloud, so no need to update the plugin to use new features.  This plugin also supports multiple layers, prefixes, also SCSS and SASS for compass as well.




Google Resizer

Google new ‪Resizer‬ tool helps ‪designers‬ and ‪developers‬ test any URL

The new Resizer Tool of Google is an interactive viewer.

Google Resizer Tool

What does the Resizer do?

  • It helps designers and developers to see and test any URL.

  • It shows how your site looks on different screen sizes

Using the Resizer Tool you can find how different digital products respond to material design across desktop, mobile, and tablet.

As designers and developers working on UI know that their biggest challenges is to serve the right UI of any application to users on different devices. No matter how they are using the relevant application, the designers and developers are the people responsible to make digital products accessible to everyone. Actually till now there is no simple design solution to fit every needs and standards.

As many of you know Google offers Material Design guidance with amazing tips about UI patterns, surface behavior, responsive grids, colors and etc. And now we have the Resizer, that provide the designers and developers with the key tool to test the material design stick the work activities between designers, developers and owners of the required responsive UI.

Resizer allows to input any custom URL, or preview any websites or local demos, and pushing “action” button you can see how your user interface will look like on different devices (desktop or mobile). To do it just t visit Resizer and paste your website URL into the box on the upper-mid side of the page.

Useful UI Patterns and demos

Google Material Design Guideline provide lots of variations of potential patterns that can be used as a base to follow the right screen size changes and position of specific components of your UI. You can use any of these patterns in Resizer and visualize them to see which one is the best for your work. Some of these patterns can be found in the “demos” included in the Resizer in Angular (Pesto Demo or Shrine Demo) and other demos built with Polymer. You can choose from these available best practices by clicking on the address input box. While testing you can change the screen resolution and can use other many resolution options you can find on the ribbon.
But if you use completely separate template for mobile devices, the Resizer will not be your best friend. Maybe Google wanted to focus on a single template?

Google provides also other free interesting tools and resources on You can find about 900 system icons library free to use, Device Metrics – reach comprehensive resource for multiple devices

Lets start using Resizer and exchange our experience.