A complex computing model for prediction and evaluation of the RES potential

Abstract: The paper presents the data analysis and assessments of the practical implementation of an innovative comprehensive model for assessment of the renewable energy potential, comparative analysis between conventional and renewable technologies and an assessment of market potential and market penetration of renewable technologies and forecast analysis. Comparative analysis between the final model results and the most popular available on the market software.

Authors: S. Petkova, N. TodorovENBC Ltd.



Comparative analysis of existed software and computing models for assessment of the energy potential of renewable energy sources

Abstract: In the paper is presented comparative analysis of different models for assessment of energy potential of renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, biogas). The analysis is based on preliminary selected/identified criterion for assessment of the models as: scope of the model, structure of the model, sensitive of the model, functionality of the model, sphere of implementation of the model. In the paper are presented 8 models, following the good practice in the European countries, including 2 models developed in Bulgaria.

Authors: доц. A. GrigorovS. Petkova

The full article is available in Bulgarian.